Good periodontal or gum health is a gateway to good overall health. Most of the diseases are first manifested in the oval cavity, so a visit to a dentist once a year not only takes care of you oral hygiene but also overall health.

All of us tend to build calculus and tartar just below the gum line, over a period of time. Eventually, the accumalation
leads to weak and inflamed gums which detoriates the underlying bone making whole teeth structure loose. It is
therefore advisable to visit a dentist for a check-up once in six months. The dentist would advice whether we require a clean up once a year and more.

Scaling is a pain free procedure done with an ultrasonic equipment to remove tartar and plaque layered on teeth.

Periodontal or gum surgeries are performed by a senior periodontist taking into account patient's need, pain threshhold
and age. An expert team of doctors do a through diagnosis, ask for all needed blood test and x-rays and then formulate the treatment options.

It is possible today to replace missing bone around teeth which is weakened or destroyed because of Periodontal or
gum disease. Bone Augmentation is collection of various procedures that are used to build bone for dental implants.

We go all the way, to help save each natural tooth.

In cases where a tooth or more missing, Implant is the treatment of choice for replacement. Implant is a titanium screw fitted into the jaw in place of the root of missing tooth.

A senior implantologist with a team of experts checks the patient in each phase, till the edentulous space is once again made functional.

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