The name is self explanatory, it means when a tooth is affected either by decay or fractures due to injury or other causes, the treatment undertaken to repair is called Restorative Dentistry.

At some point or other in our lives most of us get cavities in teeth. Tooth colored resin material of highest quality is
used to fill in the decayed area. These fillings help prevent breakage and damage to your teeth. They indeed look better and color blended to match your natural tooth color.

Root canal is the commonly used expression for the main canals within the dentin of the tooth. This sometimes
becomes infected and inflamed; generally due to caries or tooth fractures that causes infection. The infected tissue is
removed in the clinic in a single sitting, with the help of advanced pain free procedure.

Post and Core is a procedure done after a root canal treatment has been completed on a tooth. This procedure also therefore referred to as foundation restorations. Only very weak teeth require Post and Core treatment.

Crown and Bridge refers to the restitution of natural teeth that have been decayed or lost. This treatment can also be
used to further protect the Root Canal treated teeth.

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